Paige Alberto El Patron

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This is the story that just keeps on giving. Paige has once more taken to Twitter to address the incident that occurred between her and Alberto El Patron at an Orlando airport on Sunday.

Basically, she once again contradicts audio and witness statements about what happening, taking the blame upon herself. At this point in time, what really happened in that airport on Sunday is anyone’s guess. But…

As we reported yesterday, a witness to the events (I am guessing the woman that Paige references in her statement) said that the couple were screaming at each other, with Paige accusing El Patron of doing cocaine while calling him abusive and saying that she wanted him to get away from her and that she wanted him out of her life. El Patron, in turn, tried to get her detained for having drugs in her bags.

Can you say dysfunctional relationship??

El Patron has been indefinitely suspended by Global Force Wrestling as of this morning, and according to Jeff Jarrett, the company is doing its own investigation into the incident.

We will keep everyone updated on this situation as the stories continue to change and information from all imaginable parties becomes available.

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