Jeff Jarrett on El Patron, GFW, Hardys

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During a conference call today, Jeff Jarrett talked about many issues facing Anthem and Global Force Wrestling. The first item on the agenda was addressing the Alberto El Patron situation, and basically, the PR person on the call said that no questions on that matter would be taken and if anyone dared to ask one during the call (and Jarrett started to answer), they were immediately cut off.

Jarrett did say that Anthem’s lawyers did not want him to comment on the matter, but they will do what is best for GFW and its employees. Later in the call, he said that they would not be editing El Patron out of Impact episodes, because that would harm the brand further. He also said he had been in constant contact with El Patron and his attorneys.

Jarrett was also asked about the Hardys situation, and according to him, the IP situation is still ongoing. He said that his personal relationship with the Hardys was good and that the family has not asked about purchasing their IP rights from GFW.

As you can imagine, as soon as that came out, Reby Hardy took to Twitter to give her side of the story.

I am going to have to start “clarifying” things by recording phone calls, apparently. Everything out of this loser’s mouth is BS. Why you lying, @RealJeffJarrett?

We had agreement terms as of LAST WEEK. Included non-disparagement clause to the tune of 5K every time I tweet something about TNA, but according to @RealJeffJarrett, there is nothing? OKAY! Who’s up for another run of #F*ckThatOwl shirst? They’ll be up by 2mor.

I haven’t said anything FOR WEEKS. Meanwhile, Jeff, Dutch, and Ed all can’t seem to be able to keep us out of their mouths. Snakes.

Ok, I’m seeing what he says, but what does he DO? Well, make Del Rio champion, for one. I promise you, he knew exactly what was going on there. Meanwhile, he’s worried about how WE’RE making $? #priorities #makeimpactgreatLOL

Jarrett also talked about the release of 8 producers and agents, saying it was simply a financial decision. They were too much for a 2 hour program, and there is no ill will. He also said that there were no plans to hire new producers.

As soon as that came out, Shane Helms, one of the released agents, took to Twitter to refute that statement.

Needless to say, some of the content of the call wasn’t all that well received.

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