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In an update on Neville’s situation with WWE, the story is now getting very muddled and confusing. It’s once again boiling down to a “Who do you trust?” kind of deal.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the original story, with Neville either outright quitting or asking for his release and walking out before RAW Monday night, is true. WON claims that while the company is denying he is gone, Neville is 100% done with the company.

According to PWInsider, though, Neville was never on the road with WWE this past week, so he did not walk out on Monday, because he wasn’t there to begin with. They are saying he has been unhappy since WrestleMania and finding out that his match with Austin Aries would not be included on the WrestleMania 33 DVD. This means no royalties. They are also saying that he wants his release in order to make his name on the indies like Drew McIntyre did. And, there’s real hope that the two sides can work things out so Neville can return.

These two stories are just about as different as can be. So, since we have no word from either WWE or Neville himself, this comes down to who you trust. I personally believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle and wouldn’t be surprised if the original story was closer to reality than any other version.

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