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Stephanie McMahon On WWE’s Audience Forcing Changes

In a bit of funny news for the day, Stephanie McMahon spoke at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington D.C. yesterday and talked about how WWE listening to its fans changes the direction of creative plans in the company.

“Our audience tells us what they love, what they don’t like and worse, what they don’t care about. And you have to be listening, and in WWE, yes, we do, we pivot on the fly. It’s an advantage that we’re live. We do set our storylines out a year in advance, WrestleMania being our Super Bowl and then we program backwards, but things happen. The audience might not be invested in a character that we think they will be invested in for whatever reason. There could be an injury that happens, because we really are an incredible athletic event as well. Anything can happen, so that ability to pivot and twist is really important.

And when you think about NXT, for example, our audience is actually determining who makes it to the next level, who goes to that main roster. And they know it, they know that they are a part of that person’s success, so they are that much more invested in it. And again, I just think that engagement is really important.”

I said “funny news” because, if you listen to a vast majority of the WWE Universe, you’d hear them saying that WWE does the exact opposite of what they want most of the time.

Brock Lesnar WWE Contract Status

It’s being reported that Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract is due to expire after WrestleMania 34. His final dates with the company would be Mania and the RAW after the big show, but WWE does have certain rights with Lesnar that would stretch through August 2018 on the chance that his contract is not renewed.

It’s expected that Brock’s contract will be renewed and that the rumored UFC fight between him and Jon Jones will not happen. Dana White had the following to say about Brock working another UFC fight while under contract to WWE:

“They didn’t want to do that again. You saw what happened last time he was under contract and it doesn’t look good for anybody.”

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