Image Credits : TMZ

Hulk Hogan who is the 2nd person who was wiped from WWE History after using N- Word, According to the TMZ in a recent interview, Wrestling Fans around the world including celebrities and wrestling legend supported Hulk Hogan to prove Hulk Hogan is not racist. However things doesn’t working out for him as he wanted to, He told TMZ that he got full support for Donald trump for president election 2016 .He wish that Trump become next president of USA and Hogan be the Vice President (joke).

Stone cold insists WWE to hire The Phenomenal one – AJ Styles

Stone cold said that WWE ignored him earlier for contract because he was part of rival company TNA Wrestling. WWE has got the best talent now which includes Kevin Ownes, Finn Balor, Sammi Zayn and Seth Rollins so why not AJ?. AJ Styles is the one & only who has proved him the best time after time and he got good history and achievements in pro Wrestling. WWE Should definately look closely into this and Get the AJ Styles into WWE Roaster.


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