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Batista For WWE Hall Of Fame 2018 Class?

It’s only August, but the rumors are already swirling for next year’s WWE Hall Of Fame class. The name at the top of the list right now is Batista. His name is currently being floated to headline next year’s class. Time will tell if this rumor comes to pass.

Zack Sabre Jr. On Not Signing With WWE

Zack Sabre Jr. is one of the best wrestlers in the world today, but many people wonder why he didn’t sign with WWE after competing in last year’s Cruiserweight Classic. ZSJ recently sat down for an interview where he explained not signing with the world’s biggest “sports entertainment” company.

It would be like asking a musician, “Why didn’t you sign with the biggest record label?” I’m just concerned with being the best professional wrestler I can be. Oh no, it was really just a personal choice. This is my path.

When asked about working with NJPW, ZSJ had the following to say:

My goal is to grow the presence of British wrestling. But selfishly, I feel New Japan is the best place for me really. I intend on making an impact here as much as possible. I still think it’s important for me to get out there and wrestle around the world as well, though. So it’s a balance between my life in the independents and New Japan. If I only stay in one place, I can only appeal to one set of fans. This year I wrestled in 12 countries or so. That’s why I travel as much as I do. I want to grow the interest in British and European wrestling around the world as much as possible.

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