On March 6, 2017 episode of WWE Monday night RAW it was finally concluded that The Undertaker will face Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania this year after he interrupted Braun Strowman but was than interrupted by The ‘Big Dog’ Roman Reigns.

Then The Undertaker issued a statement after he chokeslammed Roman Reigns flat in the middle of the ring.

Also in The Goldberg’s first movement as The Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman confronted Goldberg. After Paul Heyman delivered an amazing promo just like any other day, before you know it, Golberg was uplifted by Brock on his shoulders & was laid down with a F5.

In the other segment, Charlotte Flair bashed Sasha banks & Bayley after their match.

Sasha Banks defeated Bayley and stoned her position for Wrestlemania Women’s Championship match.

So it is final that Bayley will defend her title against both Charlotte & Sasha Banks 

Triple H issued a warning to Seth Rollins for their match at Wrestlemania

Chris Jericho is all set to face Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania 33 for the US Title. Y2J was involved in a match against ‘The Destroyer’ Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe was than caught with a code breaker outta nowhere by Jericho.

But WAIT !!!

After RAW went off air,Austin Aries made his presence felt


Could WWE for heaven’s sake stop ridiculing their champions right before Wrestlemania. What they did with KO was terrible & what they are doing now should have been done since day 1 of Owen’s championship reign.
The match between Goldberg & Brock Lesnar is very much predictable just like the women’s division. YAWN !
And god held The Undertaker, please don’t be surprised if he is buried by Roman Reigns in 30 seconds or so. Braun Strowman is long buried by now if you have not perceived that yet.
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