This week’s smackdown live from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana promised us a great show as we are just 4 weeks away from Wrestlemania.
The show had its own high with Randy Orton cementing his place at Wrestlemania main event but the lows were too much for the first time on this show.


If you have been in touch with the show there is no reason why you will watch the first segment of this show. All the time we were reminded of the main event for tonight.

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We all love to see Bryan though.


Ellsworth time is UP, ‘no pun intended’ may be Road Dogg has not understood this yet. Nobody would like to see Ellsworth on their TV be it for comedy. The match between Cena/Nikki & James/Carmella was nothing to cherish about.

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As much as people are intrigued by the rivalry between these two couples Miz/Maryse & Cena/Nikki because of Miz’s mic killing it every time. But if you are building this up on a scripted TV reality show, it takes away the lustre from it & that’s what it did this week. A small reference here & there is OK but totally pouring it all over the rivalry is a little too much.
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The only thing we can say hear is WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH TAG TEAMS, PERIOD. 


As much as the main event was hyped as THE GREATEST MAIN EVENT IN SMACKDOWN’S LIVE history, it somewhat underperformed or we can say it was ‘hyped’ a bit too much.  AJ Styles has delivered better matches with other wrestlers on SD Live than he did with Randy Orton. Keeping in mind that this was not a bad match at all, it was slow methodical match especially the moment where AJ Styles avoided an RKO by Randy Orton but over exaggeration by JBL & others caused it not to live up to the potential.


A weak show just 4 weeks away from Wrestlemania is unacceptable but we should still be passive with SD Live creative team especially Road Dogg. People are behind Smackdown as the ‘A’ show & it truly is. SD is still more consistent & more appealing to the audience.
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