WWE Smackdown Live, AJ Styles makes his voice heard just two weeks before Wrestlemania 33 addressing the WWE universe about his actions past week. AJ Styles also accepted Shane Mcmahon’s challenge to face him at Wrestlemania.

Later on in the night, Shane Mcmahon came out in the ring and asked AJ Styles to speak out man to man. And here is what transpired

Shane Mcmahon even before AJ Styles made his entry into the ring started beating him with punches, These two took the brawl to the next level outside the ring.

Shane manages a release northern lights suplex on the floor! McMahon continues clearing the table and hits Styles with a monitor!

Clubbing blows to the shoulder, he sets AJ on the table. Back in the ring, Shane climbs the turnbuckles… DIVING ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TABLE! Shane stands over AJ and points at the WrestleMania sign, clutching his ribs.

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