Wrestlemania has always been the hub of unexpected & over the top battles. Feuds that build up inside the ring all through the year are sorted out once in for all at Wrestlemania. All the big names come out of their shell and fight at the grandest stage of them all.

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Shaquille O’Neal vs Big Show is the match that is almost certain to happen this year at Wrestlemania.
Image result for big show shaquille o'nealApart from this other big matches like The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns, AJ Styles vs Shane Mcmahon looks on the cards.

The big turmoil was if Seth Rollins is going to be fit to compete at Wrestlemania, now with that being a certainty the match between Samoa Joe & Rollins looks on the cards at Wrestlemania 33 instead of Fastlane. Samoa Joe who is being called the ‘Destroyer’ looks more than  willing to make his first Wrestlemania as big as possible and facing Seth Rollins is going to intrigue many eyes.
Image result for samoa joe vs rollinsWith that being fixed it leaves Triple H without a legit opponent. Where some were barging for The Rock to come for one more match, rumors are flaming up that Batista who left the company as he was not happy, the way things were going on inside the ring could use a one-time appearance to draw in audiences and WWE could piggyback on this and promote it as a typical authority vs Batista feud.
Image result for triple H vs batistaAlthough the chances of this looks feeble but anything can happen in Vince’s yard.

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