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WWE NEWS: WWE Still Roman Reigns Oriented


You know WWE is a place where the fans usually get what they want but it should come as no surprise to all of us that Vince Mcmahon no more oriented towards what the universe wants, rather he is more concerned about his idea of an ideal wrestler, even if that means investing way too much into a talent that is unworthy of the credits that he is given. The idea of this article is not to bash someone personally but it is now very clear that Roman Reigns is one of Vince’s failed experiment when it comes to WWE. The idea of the company to deepthroat Reigns into the fans is not a new thing and has continued since the very starting of 2015.

Here is an example of an edit by WWE just for the sake of promoting false news in favor of Roman Reigns.

fangate Forbes reports:

Following Roman Reigns’ recent United States Championship loss, familiar overreactions cascaded around WWE’s most polarizing star. On the live version of Raw, Roman Reigns’ loss caused one particular fan to celebrate Chris Jericho’s first United States Championship victory. After some well-placed edits, however, WWE’s opening package the following week showed the same fan reacting in a disappointed manner. The ensuing backlash among WWE’s most dedicated contingent has become a pattern of some fans crying foul when it comes to the booking of Roman Reigns.

Here is another classic video that shows WWE editing fans’ reaction just to get Roman Reigns over

Well there are many such examples that shows WWE trying to promote someone who is not a legit fan favorite all the time or most of the times.
The question here is that why can’t the company speak out the truth and show us the reality what it is (not only in Live but recorded episodes also).

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