Braun Strowman Injury

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Balor or Rollins Likely To Challenge Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire

Braun Strowman has been written off WWE television for a reported 4-8 weeks, and as previously noted, the RAW main event scene is in trouble as a result. Strowman’s absence leaves a gaping hole, both literally and figuratively, as he was scheduled to be the challenger to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at what is becoming everyone’s “favorite” pay per view, Great Balls of Fire. Strowman was also scheduled to headline Extreme Rules against Roman Reigns in some sort of gimmick match (most likely, an Ambulance Match).

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer says to expect either Seth Rollins or Finn Balor to end up as Lesnar’s opponent for Great Balls of Fire. Both have already been teased as future contenders anyway and were expected to challenge Lesnar at some point. This would be more of a reshuffling of plans as to whom works Lesnar first. Assuming he returns in time, Strowman is likely to face Lesnar at SummerSlam.

As for Reigns, he obviously needs a new opponent for Extreme Rules and a new feud. I’ve seen it reported that he’ll be moved into a short term program with Bray Wyatt, which would make sense if Balor ends up being slotted against Lesnar first. Balor and Wyatt were set to feud before the Strowman injury. Also, don’t rule out The Miz, who just might be the only performer on the roster capable of getting Reigns the reaction WWE so covets for him.

Injury Updates on Wilder and Kingston

The Revival made their main roster debut the night after WrestleMania 33 (I was there!), “injuring” New Day’s Kofi Kingston, who was already scheduled for ankle surgery. Ironically, a cruel twist of fate then saw Dash Wilder suffer a legit jaw fracture just 11 days later while working a NXT Live Event in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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Thankfully, both are nearing a full return to health, thus we should be expecting The Revival and New Day back on TV sooner rather than later. In the latest WON, Meltzer said “five or six more weeks” for Wilder. Kingston posted a video on Instagram showing that he was out of his walking boot and off crutches. Therefore, expect a June return. Upon their returns, both The Revival and New Day are expected to be the top contenders for the Tag Titles on their respective brands.

Jericho Stayed Longer Than Expected

Another item from the latest WON is that Chris Jericho had originally intended to leave after putting Kevin Owens over at WrestleMania 33. At some point, Vince McMahon convinced him to stay another month. Clearly, the door has been left open for another run and when he does return, it will be on SmackDown Live.

Familiar Name From The Past

Famous lawyer Henry Holmes was the person who brokered the buyout between Mauro Ranallo and WWE. If that name sounds familiar to you, Holmes has also previously represented Hulk Hogan. His name was mentioned several times on WCW television in the 1990s, and I believe he even made a Nitro cameo in early 1998.

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