After a rather good Royal Rumble in years apart from that #30 entrant, WWE was in all mood to lighten up their audiences face with smiles. On Monday Night RAW
After a confrontation with Stephanie Mcmahon, Seth Rollins wanted no one else than HHH to talk to him man-to-man.

Triple H did confront him and told Rollins to meet his destroyer and outta nowhere appeared Samoa Joe blind siding Seth.

Joe making his main roster debut is a game changer not only for RAW but for Wrestlemania. Everybody will be intrigued to watch him as he is a must see superstar. Joe will be a dominant force undoubtedly on RAW and him facing Seth Rollins at Mania/Fastlane will draw in money. But what does that do with HHH. Will Joe face Rollins at Fastlane, and if he does than who will he face at Mania. Will Triple H face Seth Rollins at Mania or Joe is going to be HHH’s henchman and put Rollins down for him.
Image result for shinsuke nakamuraNow that being said and done Shinsuke Nakamura should be all set to debut on SD Live in the later part of 2017. This can lead up to another great match between Nakamura & AJ Styles. The scope doesn’t ends there as John Cena is also a competitor Nakamura’s eye will be set upon.

A lot of speculations and rumors running through the IWC considering the future especially Wrestlemania.

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