Finn_Balor_bioAt the eve of January 29, 2017 people were expecting a surprise entrant at #30 in the rumble. The man who was in the race to be there was none other than Finn Balor but Vince ! Yes guys Vince, didn’t let us celebrate the return of Finn Balor instead he frustrated & made everyone angry when he made Roman Reigns enter the rumble. People were angry, they were disgusted and were dissapointed to the core. So much that WWE has to blackout Rumble on the network for 24 hours right after the live stream of the event.

Now that was something very lame & STUPID on part of WWE creatives.

Finn Balor tweeted to the angry fans. Balor’s Twitter mentions were quickly filled with messages from disappointed fans, but he had a perfect response for why he wasn’t in the Alamodome. A mug with a checklist bandicam 2017-01-31 18-55-38-590



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