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WWE News: Mickie James Returns on Smackdown Live


It was one of another fantastic shows of Smackdown live (January 17, 2017). Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch made WWE history by main eventing SmackDown inside a steel cage, but the match didn’t end cleanly.

The end action of the match was somewhat like this:

Lynch climbing to the top but Bliss meets her moments before she can drop down and drags her back in by the hair. Forearms, Becky blocks a smash into the cage and throws a kick that sets Alexa in the turnbuckles… EXPLODER SUPERPLEX! NO GOOD! Becky just raining mounted punches to the back of Alexa’s head now, she throws a kick and tries to escape but Bliss crawls over and hugs her leg for dear life. (Source: Cageside Seats)

La Luchadora is here! She’s standing in the doorway and gives Alexa an opportunity. Becky manages to turn it around and get Dis-Arm-Her on but Luchadora breaks it up…

Alexa Bliss wins by pinfall with a DDT, retaining the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Bliss celebrates with La Luchadora for a moment and then they put boots to Lynch. Becky fights out, lariat to Alexa, and she rips Luchadora’s mask off… IT’S MICKIE JAMES!

The shock allows Alexa to take Becky out again and Mickie throws a kick as punctuation. (Source: Cageside Seats)

After the show went off air. WWE posted Becky Lynch’s reaction on her controversial loss to Alexa Bliss.

Now what is interesting is to see what Mickie James future is going to be on the ‘A’ show SD Live

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