Jack Swagger has officially asked for his release from WWE.

“It’s still kind of an ongoing process right now,” Swagger told host Chael Sonnen Wednesday. “Basically, it came down to contract negotiations, and we were way off. They didn’t value me at what I thought I was valued at.”

The two-time WWE Champion said it came down to a “business decision.”

He added, “They weren’t giving me the opportunity to make the full amount of income I could for my family, so when you put it like that — it’s time to go.”

Swagger admitted it was “very frustrating” to perform every night and “entertain these fans” and not get the salary he wanted.

“We want to know we’re working towards something,” he explained.
Swagger has only left WWE but not pro-wrestling. He will be there as a free agent and work for other promotions in UK, Mexico and Japan. Also MMA is on his mind.

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