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WWE Rumors: Are ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy and ‘Brother Nero’ Jeff Hardy leaving TNA?


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The most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Matt & Jeff Hardy’s, as well as Drew Galloway’s, TNA contracts expire next month. As of the release of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter none had been signed to new deal.
Apart from this there are rumors that WWE has always been keen to bring both the Hardy Boys back into the company and as the Wrestlemania times are flaming up bringing in the hardy boys will bring in big money into the business as both are in their best times.

As Wrestlezone reports:

In regards to The Hardy Boys the Observer reports that there is interested from WWE in bringing them back to the company. As of now however things are looking pretty good for them to stay with TNA. It sounds as if they have two options available with TNA:

A guaranteed deal that would give them full control of their outside bookings

Or, another guaranteed deal where TNA would have to approve their outside bookings

Meltzer notes that Matt is leaning towards staying with TNA while Jeff has yet to come to terms on a variety of dates per year since TNA plans on running a more regular house show schedule.

As of now Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are both enjoying their wrestling careers travelling around the world and Matt Hardy has always been hitting on WWE.


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