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Aleister Black Is Great

In case you hadn’t heard, Aleister Black worked WWE Main Event this week, taking on Curt Hawkins. As you might have guessed, he looked really impressive in front of the UK audience. I saw Dave Meltzer compare his push in NXT to early Magnum T.A. in Jim Crockett Promotions and there’s definitely something to that.

Anyway, the Black vs. Hawkins match has already been uploaded online for our enjoyment. If you’re someone who likes watching Main Event without being spoiled, then perhaps it’s time to avert your eyes. But if not, check this out:

Owens and Itami Having Fun

Here’s a great promo from United States Champion Kevin Owens. It’s from the recent WWE Live Event in Birmingham.

Obviously, that was all done in good fun. However, NXT star Hideo Itami certainly appeared to be throwing some legit “shade” CM Punk’s way with this tweet:

Itami is obviously referencing the fact that he used the finisher years before Punk did. Now to be fair to Punk, WWE wasn’t about to let him use his the finisher he first used on the indies, The Pepsi Plunge, which was a top rope pedigree.

Itami will challenge NXT Champion Bobby Roode next Saturday in Chicago at TakeOver.

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