Matt Hardy trademark application denied

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WWE Hell In A Cell Announced

WWE announced that they will be returning to Detroit on October 8th at the Little Ceasers Arena for this year’s Hell In A Cell PPV. This year, WWE Hell In A Cell will be a SmackDown Live exclusive PPV.

Latest Broken Hardys News

This is the story that just won’t go away. Shock of shocks, all four of the initial trademark applications that Global Force Wrestling filed for in relation to the “Broken Universe” have been denied by the USPTO.

The “Broken Matt” trademark was denied due to it being too similar to the “Broken Matt Hardy” trademark that Matt Hardy himself filed for first. In order for GFW to get the trademark they applied for, they have to indicate whether the trademark refers to a living person, and if so, Matt would have to sign off on it since his application holds precedence.

“Brother Nero” was denied because GFW did not indicate whether or not is was going to be used to identify a living person. If it does, then they will need Jeff Hardy’s consent.

“Broken Brilliance” was refused due to GFW failing to specify whether or not the term has any significance in professional wrestling or is just a “term of art” in the business.

“Vanguard 1” was denied due to its similarity with a non-wrestling trademark.

All four trademarks received initial refusals due to the wording used for identification and classification and goods being too broad in the initial filing. The USPTO has asked for additional clarification on all of the filings.

John Cena At No Mercy

John Cena will be making his first appearance on a RAW brand PPV since the draft split last year. He’s being advertised for September’s No Mercy PPV in Los Angeles.

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