WWE Battleground US Title match controversy

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WWE Battleground Botched Finish?

Ever since the crazy ending of the AJ Styles/Kevin Owens US Title match at Battleground on Sunday night, rumors have been swirling over whether or not that was the finish that was supposed to happen. As we all saw, there was a ref bump that led to some of the worst acting I have personally ever seen in a WWE ring and a squirrelly roll-up finish where Styles’ shoulders were obviously off the mat.

Various reports are suggesting that this was not the way the match was supposed to end. Apparently, Styles raised hell when the match was over, and there was said to be a chaotic atmosphere in the back once the bout was over.

Owens was not favored to win this match in the last set of betting odds for WWE Battleground, and since those are normally right on the money, that was the first sign something might have gone awry. We should see something on SmackDown Live tonight to give us some clarification on the US Title issue.

I wouldn’t be surprised, if this actually was a botch and the match wasn’t supposed to end that way, to see WWE turn this into some sort of angle heading into SummerSlam. I can’t see them stripping Owens of the title and handing it back to Styles this close to one of the biggest PPVs of the year.


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