WWE Bans Beach Balls

Photo: TRP

The last 48 hours have certainly given us all our annual helping of beach balls. It’s opened a debate in wrestling, which asks if beach balls, and any and all other forms of fans “protesting” what they see as boring and/or making the show about themselves, are ok at a WWE event. WWE didn’t leave things to chance, and according to reports, they officially banned all pool oriented toys from last night’s SmackDown Live taping at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Instead of banning them at the door, they simply told security to be on the lookout for these things and confiscate them if needed. There were still a couple that found their way into the crowd, but the Barclays Center staff handled them quickly.

This goes to prove that things like this are a distraction to the talent and the company. Brooklyn has become famous for its antics on nights after big scale pay per views, and I don’t think WWE wants to lose that. But, they are also in the position of making sure that their product doesn’t suffer due to the fans in attendance trying to take over the show for whatever reason.

This makes you wonder if this was a one-time ban or if it’s going to stay in place. Will it just be in Brooklyn? Will it be extended to every WWE show? SummerSlam is back in Brooklyn next year, and I’m fairly certain that beach balls will not make WWE change its mind about where it’s going to hold its big summer show.

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