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The brains creating WWE 2K18 rhave evealed some of the new features in the upcoming video game. The game’s developers confirmed the Creation Suite, which includes Create-a-Superstar, Create-an-Arena and Create-a-Video, will have improvements as 2K18 focuses on the tagline “Be Like No One.” Create-a-Match will debut in 2K18, allowing players to create customized rules for a match for either WWE Universe mode or Play Now.

Gamers will have greater control of the Highlight Replay System with free-roaming camera and editing controls. According to Mark Little, WWE 2K18 executive producer for visual concepts, this will give players the opportunity to save game replays should they choose to display them in future videos.

A new MyPLAYER mechanism allows players to select from eight fighting styles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. To further improve MyPLAYER, there will be new MyCAREER experience with the aim to give the gamer’s MyPLAYER better interactions with WWE Superstars and general managers. The new Road to Glory Mode allows MyPLAYER characters compete with other gamers, but this improved feature will be detailed in the coming months.

The WWE 2K18 developers want the most realistic game to date in the franchise. With realism in mind, developers have been working on new graphics and even a new commentary team. In a developer’s blog post, Little wrote:

“Along with the great visuals, WWE 2K18 introduces a new commentary team. With the trio of Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves at the commentary table, a WWE 2K game has never sounded better. We also greatly improved crowd sounds, including the addition of authentic crowd chants, to bring the entire WWE experience to life. In short, WWE 2K18 has never been closer to what our fans see every week on WWE television and at live events.”

Enhancements have been made in ladder matches, eight-person matches, eight-person tags, and the Royal Rumble. For the Royal Rumble gameplay, developers worked on elimination mechanics, guaranteeing a quick elimination system and sequences and match-specific finishers.

Little announced WWE 2K18 will have its largest roster in WWE gaming history. The game, featuring Seth Rollins on the cover, will be available on October 17.

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