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World Association of Wrestling (WAW), a British wrestling promotion owned by WWE superstar Paige’s family, vacated their major championship title held by Alberto El Patron. In a statement released on Monday, WAW announced their Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship as vacant and a 32-man tournament will occur to name the new champion.

The WAW statement read:

“The WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship has been declared vacant at last night’s Academy Show in Costessey, following a unanimous decision by the WAW Championship Committee. The WAWCC’s decision was announced by Zak Knight but no information was revealed regarding the crowning of a new champion. Since the announcement several individuals have announced their desire to compete for the title. Both European Heavyweight Champion Robin Lekime and British Heavyweight Champion Aaron Sharp have already revealed their desire to add more gold to their repertoire, as well as former World Heavyweight Champion Brad Slayer and former European Heavyweight Champion King Kendo. With four of WAW’s top competitors already eyeing up the most prestigious title will anyone else step forward in the hope of gaining public support?”

“A 32 man tournament has been announced to determine a new Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion over the course of the rest of 2017 with the final taking place at Epic Studios, Norwich in December. The entrants into this tournament will be deliberated by the WAWCC over the coming weeks before brackets are announced.”

Ricky Knight, the owner of WAW, went on Facebook to clarify if Alberto’s title was stripped or not. He wrote it was an amicable decision.

Can I please put this out there Alberto El Patron was not stripped of the WAW world title it was done by both parties amicably for the best interest of WAW going forward. Can I also say that despite differences between myself and Alberto personally as a pro the man was impeccable and raised the Profile of WAW by a huge amount

Owned by the Knight family, WAW’s decision comes over a week following an alleged domestic incident between Alberto and Paige. Global Force Wrestling (GFW) eventually suspended Alberto but he still holds the company’s Unified GFW World Heavyweight Championship. Paige has asked for privacy, but was recently seen with El Patron during a soccer game in San Antonio, Texas, this weekend.

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