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William Regal Talks Relationship With Triple H

The relationship between William Regal and Triple H (Paul Levesque) is a close one and goes more than two decades to when Triple H was breaking in at the national level (in WCW). Regal told the following to the Metro over in the U.K.

“We have a very odd relationship in the fact that I probably speak to him less than anyone in the company. He trusts me with what he needs to trust me with. He can literally look at me from across the room, and we know that we have the same kind of mind set.”

For those who may have forgotten or don’t know, Regal and Triple H were put together as a tag team in WCW in 1994. Triple H was being billed as John Paul Levesque at the time (a French wrestler) and the two were (I believe slated) for a run with the Tag Team Titles. But when Levesque’s contract was set to run out, Regal actually encouraged him to go to the then WWF where he would be able to work more and get more experience. Obviously, Levesque heeded that advice and it was probably the best decision of his life.

As for the current state of NXT, Regal pushed Drew McIntyre, Bobby Roode, Aleister Black, Roderick Strong, and Kassius Ohno as the new stars of the brand, Black in particular.

Frank Deford On Vince McMahon

On the other side of the ledger, we have a less than flattering portrait of Vince McMahon being painted by Frank Deford, the legendary sportswriter who passed away last week.

A story that I’d heard previously was brought back up in last week’s Deford bio by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It involved bowling, McMahon, Deford, Pat Patterson, and stolen shoes.

Deford, in the book, noted that he was at the 40th birthday party for John Filipelli, who he had worked with when both did an NFL show together and were good friends. Filipelli was heading television for WWF at the time, so McMahon and Patterson were there. So they’re in this country club bowling alley and he described McMahon as acting maniacal, and then one of the people at the party was named Dick, and whenever it was his turn to poll, McMahon and Patterson were acting like second graders laughing about his name, talking about Dick as a metaphor for penises. Keep in mind that Vince of 46 at this time, Patterson is 50, Deford is 52 and that was the age range for most of the people at the party. The Filipellis were embarrassed and rolling their eyes. Patterson then stole one of Deford’s shows and one of his wife’s shoes. When it was over, and the Defords couldn’t find their shows, McMahon and Patterson were laughing about it. So they figured, okay, a joke and waited for them to give it back. But they never gave up the shoes and the Defords had go home still wearing their bowling shoes until they returned the bowling shoes later. And they were expensive shoes that were stolen. McMahon also sent him a Christmas card a few months later asking if he had found his shoe. But what made Deford madder was McMahon claiming to a Congressional committee that the article he had written in 2007 after the death of Chris Benoit, on all the young deaths in pro wrestling, was because he was holding a grudge against him for stealing his shoe 16 years earlier. When Deford found out that McMahon had said that before the Congressional committee, he said, “I’m rather amazed that McMahon would bring this up, but it’s a pretty accurate account of him acting like a horse’s ass. Really weird.

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