One of the most loved heels to ever step in the WWE ring was Roddy Piper. He has the mic skills, the sheer talent and the charisma to make it big in the pro-wrestling biz. And by gawd ! he did make it to the top, but one thing that has pinched every Roddy fan is that the guy never got a World title run in the company.

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When the former superstar’s children were asked by All Wrestling as to why the WWE never really went with their father as the “top guy,” daughter Ariel answered Piper “didn’t care for accolades. He felt like he had nothing to prove”.

“My father never needed help getting over, and that is the basic function of a title. I love Uncle Ric (Flair), but if he’s a 15 time champion, that also means he lost the title 15 times. Dad never needed it, he was already over,” Piper’s son Colt added.

When asked about Piper ability to draw heat, Ariel said “nobody could draw heat like him”.

“Everything now in WWE is so scripted, guys don’t really have the chance to develop characters and get the fans as angry as they used to when Roddy was in his prime. Nobody can sell you like you. Nobody could play Roddy Piper better than Roddy Piper. He knew how to draw the hatred out of a crowd,” Colt added.

Roddy did win many other titles but was never a world heavyweight champ which is kinda sad but considering the fact the before passing away Roddy had achieved everything it looks nothing.

Roddy passed away at the age of 61.

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