These two merely under no circumstances prevent. Back in 2011, John Cena and the Rock had probably the most best possible feuds of the stylish generation, spending over a 12 months arguing with every other forward of we FINALLY got to the are compatible, which was once as soon as exactly what we’ve been in a position on. The crux of the argument was once as soon as Cena saying that Rock abandoned WWE, even if now Cena could be accused of doing the exact same. You more or less have to speak about that one.

Cena was once as soon as now not too way back a customer on the Gorilla Position podcast and discussed his feud with the Rock and all the problems that he discussed. During the interview, Cena admitted that he was once as soon as utterly incorrect about the entire thing that he discussed about Rock, even saying that he was once as soon as “foolish, selfish and arrogant”. The interview included Cena apologizing to Rock profusely. Here are some highlights, with transcription courtesy of

On Apologizing to Rock:

“I’m sorry and I was wrong. That’s the best thing I can do. I think my gripes were legitimate inside the WWE Universe. The WWE Universe is so dedicated and so fanatical, that they’re giving me the same comments that I once gave Dwayne Johnson because every Monday and every, now moving to Friday, when they turn on the TV, that’s their lives.”

On Missing Monday Night Raw

“That’s the thing they follow the most. I’m not there anymore, I’m here promoting Bumblebee. They’re gonna watch Bumblebee but it’s only like they’ll go to the movie theatre just once, twice, whatever watch it. It’s every Monday! And if you’re not there every Monday, as a viewer, especially since I’ve been with you guys for fifteen years, you now feel offended. Especially since before, I was like, ‘Hey man, where’d you go?'”

And On Being A Wrestler And An Actor

“This is a very tough balancing act and it’s one, when I called out Dwayne, I called him out because of ignorance. I called him out as someone who had tunnel vision in WWE and didn’t understand the process that when you make a movie, you are not allowed to do anything else. Because if you ruin this, if Seth Rollins puts my nose over here, I can’t film the movie. And that’s not conceded, there’s 100 other people who’s financial well-being depends on if I show up for work in one piece. So, if I stop production, that could shut production down. That cost the movie money, it hampers the success of the movie. So once again – I was foolish, selfish and ignorant but it made for awesome TV!”

What upper method to concentrate this than to see it? Check out the interview correct proper right here:

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Opinion: It’s onerous to say what to imagine something like this as Cena is right kind now, then again at the identical time he was once as soon as correct when he discussed the entire thing once more in 2011. The feud with Rock was once as soon as fantastic and it was once as soon as something that made for awesome TV. It is alternatively cool to see Cena admit that Rock made sense and wasn’t leaving in the back of WWE, which must bury the hatchet between them once and for all, assuming it wasn’t already.

What do you bring to mind Cena’s comments? Is he correct this time? Let us know inside the comments beneath.

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