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The latest buzz of WWE India tour is going wild as Indian fans have opportunity to see WWE show live in India after almost 14 years. Its rumored that following stars will be coming for India tour

John Cena, Mark Henry, Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Ryback, Cesaro, Bray wyatt, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston and more.

However its still not confirmed by any reliable sources. Still to find out.


TNA and the Great Khali reportedly teamed up to make Indian Pro wrestling show for TV.

TNA Executive  – John  Gaburick made following comments

“Some of the people I saw yesterday, I saw such enthusiasm and charisma in them, but of course they need a lot work to do, but from this community of India as a whole, I hope to find multiple talents or superstars to have a ‘Golden Age’ of Indian wrestling to start off right now with Dalip Singh’s (The Great Khali) guidance. They have charisma and if you have that, then there is magic and that’s what will happen in this market.”

Finally its something all wrestling fans waited for to have own pro wrestling industry in India.

Goldberg is still biggest names in pro wrestling however he has stepped out from wrestling business after his match with Brock lesnar at WWE Wrestlemania 20 (2004).

Goldberg who is currently pursuing career in hollywood movies and his upcoming movie The Check Point. Ring Rust Radio conducted an interview with Goldberg recently where he was questioned about his future plans for wrestling.  He hinted to make possible return to the wrestling.


“The itch will always be there because I am always a competitor and my wife and son have never seen me wrestle. Let me be clear though, that itch won’t supersede my ability to be a businessman. The itch is always there, it’s there three times a week when I walk into my MuayThai gym and put the gloves and shin pads on. It was a very special circumstance at Citi Field and ironically now the Mets are in the World Series. It was something I chose to do and thought was appropriate at the time. It was not me coming out of retirement by any means. I am a part owner of Legends of Wrestling so if I want to go out there and pick and choose my spot to do something interesting, then that’s what I do with no motives behind it. I am a competitor and always have that itch until the day I die, but I won’t let the itch supersede being a businessman.” – Goldberg

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