During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the updates surrounding a potential Triple H vs. Batista match for WrestleMania 35.

Despite not being employed by WWE, Batista is a name that continues to surface as somebody who could return at any moment.

It has widely been reported that Batista denied a Hall of Fame spot because he feels his career with the company isn’t over. He has said in the past on many occasions that he wants to work a full program with Triple H, culminating in a WrestleMania match.

Meltzer had the following to say as an update on a possible match between Batista and Triple H next year:

“You know Batista wants to work with Triple H at next year’s WrestleMania as a retirement match. Will they do it? They may. It’s not a bad idea as far as a match goes. Batista retirement, Hall of Fame and all that. They asked him to go into the Hall of Fame this year but he didn’t want to because he still wants a final run.”

The idea, as Meltzer mentions, is for Batista and Triple H to work a full program, including partaking in live event matches leading up to and culminating in a career-threatening match, where ‘The Animal’ is likely to lose and end his career. From there, he would happily accept a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Would you like to see this storyline? Does a Batista return in any capacity interest you?

Below is the video where he previously quit WWE:

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