Tye Dillinger

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It looks like Tye Dillinger may have found something to do other than waste away in non-televised matches on the main roster. In a situation that has escalated quite quickly, former NXT standout and current Smackdown Live superstar Tye Dillinger has initiated a Twitter beef with RAW superstar and recent Mizzie award winner, The Miz. The first shots were fired late Sunday night, when Dillinger invited the A-Lister to stop by Smackdown Live.

Miz retorted, and it was on.

Dillinger then went for the low blow, dragging Maryse into the mix.

The Miz had the final word this afternoon (for now).

It’s hard to say at this juncture whether this is a legit beef between the two or just a part of a setup for a future story line. With Tye Dillinger somewhat shelved creatively at the moment and The Miz possibly about to move on from his feud with Dean Ambrose, this could be the start of a fun feud between the two men. Could a move to RAW be in the cards for “The Perfect Ten” (couldn’t picture the Miz moving his Mizterage back to the blue brand) or do the two grapplers truly not care for one another?

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