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Info On Tonight’s WWE RAW

The only thing certain these days about WWE is that they will be as random as humanly possible when it comes to making matches for their weekly shows. It was announced a few moments ago that John Cena will face off with Braun Strowman tonight, and Roman Reigns will square off with Jason Jordan.

I am kind of wondering what the point is. So far, this story line with Jordan has devolved to the point where he can’t win a match, and Braun destroys everything that moves. I can’t see the Cena/Strowman match having a clean finish, and both men need to be protected somewhat before No Mercy in two weeks. Plus, this match is a PPV-worthy main event. I can’t quite figure out why WWE is just giving it away with zero build on a random episode of RAW.

And, Enzo Amore will be a guest on MizTV tonight. Why do I feel that this will lead to Enzo being laid out by multiple people or smacked with a microphone?

Chris Jericho On Conor McGregor In WWE

Chris Jericho seems to have his doubts about Conor McGregor coming to WWE. TMZ caught up with him earlier today, and he seemed to feel like McGregor would need a whole lot of dough to leave the lucrative UFC career he has now.

“It’s an easy thing to imagine, I would say. I don’t think he’s gonna join in two years, not now with all the money he made. But it could happen at some point. He’s got the personality for it, that’s for sure. It depends on how much money he can generate, which I think would be a lot. He just made $100 million, so he’s not coming in for peanuts, right?”

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