TNA Impact Wrestling drew 262,000 viewers this week on Destination America, which is down a bit from last week’s 266,000 viewers. The midnight replay of the same episode drew another 81,000 vs 98,000 last week, for a total of 343,000 viewers. It is a slight decrease over last week’s total of 364,000.

Ring of Honor on the other side drew 141,000 viewers, which is a huge drop from last week’s 227,000 viewers.
Last week saw a more than usual viewership for ROH Wrestling as they were 227,000 vs 266,000 against TNA in the original airing. It will be intersting to know how the ratings play out over the course of next few months as both wrestling company’s deal is up around this new year. With the change in leadership at Destination America, both of the companies could secure a TV deal again.

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