Former TNA star Gunner was reportedly involved in an incident with a fan at a PWX event on September 6th in North Carolina. The Wrestling Observer reported that a Indie fan named Adrian Rohr, who is a regular at many wrestling events, had written negative comments about Gunner on social media and Gunner was not particularly happy about that. Fans were chanting “Dixie’s reject” at Gunner, which might have led to him kicking Rohr in the chest and that too in front of his young son. It is to be noted that PWX promotion has no barriers at ringside.
While many wrestlers took Gunner’s side it is reported by The Observer that the assault was largely unprovoked as Rohr is known as a respectful fan.
Gunner also wrote the following online after the match but was deleted thereafter:
“And for the record, don’t be an idiot fan and step up to my ring. You will get kicked.”

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