Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the new owners of TNA Impact Wrestling, have now officially dropped ‘TNA’ from the wrestling promotion‘s name. The newly acquired promotion will now go solely by the name ‘Impact Wrestling’.

Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the group behind the Fight Network, purchased 85% stake in TNA earlier in January 2017. TNA’s future had been up in the air prior to that, with previous owner Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan locked in a legal dispute over money loaned by Corgan to keep the company afloat. Now that Anthem owns the company, they are trying to push the promotion in their own or rather new direction.

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (then known as NWA-TNA) started out in 2002 as the brain child of Jerry and Jeff Jarrett. The TNA Impact! brand has always strived to become a rock solid alternative to WWE in the United States, but for a number of reasons it has struggled to dethrone WWE from the mountain top or even be a rock solid number #2 alternative to WWE.

Now that Anthem Sports has decided that the connotations of the ‘TNA’ name are something that they want to move away from, and with them now just looking to use Impact Wrestling as the name of the promotion, this should be a beginning of a new era for the promotion.

Having held their TV tapings in the last couple of weeks, which will air on TV in the upcoming weeks, Anthem will be looking to get this new branding out there as soon as possible.

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