The Young Bucks say they’re bearing in mind the choices relating to Being the Elite.

Last week, episode 100 of Being the Elite used to be uploaded to YouTube with the identify "Finale." In an interview with Sporting News, each Matt and Nick Jackson discussed episode 100 might be the tip of the sequence however didn’t definitively say if that would be the case.

“I think it’s poetic if we did end it at 100 episodes. But everyone else says we shouldn't,” mentioned Nick Jackson.

“We’re like, man, 100 episodes, we can end it when it’s the hottest. It almost feels like we should end it,” mentioned Matt Jackson.

Even despite the fact that the Young Bucks are given enter on their paintings within the Bullet Club, they benefit from the a hundred percent regulate of the Being the Elite display.

“It’s also control of your own destiny of your own career. You don’t know how you’re going to be booked in Ring of Honor or New Japan. We have influence, but we don’t have final say. With this show, we’re the writers, the actors and the editors,” mentioned Matt Jackson.

As lengthy as they’ve their inventive freedom and making similar cash, Nick Jackson mentioned the Young Bucks don't wish to cross to WWE.

“A lot of our friends (in WWE) say we might find it troubling that our creativity would be pretty much gone and we wouldn't like it, but we’d like the money. Right now we have both of those, and that’s always nice because we’re our own boss,” mentioned Nick Jackson.

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