Block 1:

A listener calls into the show and asks Taz about the importance of camera work in professional wrestling programming. Taz says that the camera work is vitally important to producing quality wrestling programming. WWE’s ‘shaky’ camera style was inspired by ECW’s camera work in Taz’s opinion. Paul Heyman originally got the idea to implement this type of camera work from watching ‘Cops’.

WWE is too heavy with the camera shaking at some points in Taz’s opinion, and he points out that Lucha Underground has their camera work down to a science. He believes that this is a result of Lucha Underground’s camera men working a ‘Hollywood’ style of filming, where they film the backstage segments as if it was a movie.

Taz says that sometimes fans complain about the long backstage promos in WWE, but you rarely hear criticisms of Lucha Underground’s backstage promos. Taz says that fans only complain about long promos when they’re poorly done. Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes cut awfully long promos but they were terrific so they didn’t feel long.

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