Austin welcomes Sasha Banks to the show.

Banks informs that she spent the early years of her life moving from city to city, accommodating her brother who has autism. Her mother and her would spend a lot of their time caring for him, but her getaway was watching wrestling for a few hours each week.

She feels like she’s been training to be a wrestler her entire life. As a teenager she’d rent wrestling movies and take bumps on her mattress. She mentions that she never really had a backup plan other than becoming a professional wrestler and Austin says that he didn’t either, even though neither of them would recommend that.

She began training in MMA at a young age, training in Judo, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, but she didn’t like getting punched in the face so she started training to become a professional wrestler when she turned 18. Initially she was afraid to take bumps but she had a pep talk with herself, encouraging herself to follow her dream and stick with it. She absolutely loves taking bumps now, and she still loves the business very much.

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