Naito minces no words about his dislike for Chris Jericho.

The tranquilo Tetsuya Naito keeps his cool during the toughest of situations on the other hand what came about far and wide night time two of NJPW's 'Wrestling Dontaku' fit used to be as soon as the straw that broke that camels once more. As Naito exited the ring after receiving admiration from the Fukuoka faithful in attendance he used to be as soon as attacked by way of a "fan" who used to be as soon as wearing a 'Bushi' mask. That "fan" become out to be former nine-time WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho who used to be as soon as ultimate spotted in NJPW when he attacked Naito from behind at 'New Years Dash' the day after Wrestle Kingdom 12. Prior to their first come throughout Naito voiced his opinion on Chris Jericho getting into the company and stealing spotlight transparent of his number one fit are compatible against Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom.

The bad blood between the two men will top on June 9th at NJPW's 'Dominion' fit as Chris Jericho will make his in-ring return to the company to transport one-on-one with the manager of Los Ingobernables de Japon . Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated had the risk to speak with Naito and grabbed his concepts on the attack by way of Chris Jericho that left him coated in his non-public blood.

"He really made sure that he looked the part with the Los Ingobernables de Japon-like gear. Maybe he’s a fan. The one question I have is this: what does all this spark in him? What does he get from this? In his position, he has more to lose than to gain. Still, even with all the risk to take on, the chance to wrestle Tetsuya Naito is always absolutely worth it. I get it." Naito endured, "As a wrestler, I’m superior to him in every single way. The only place he might have me beat is in name recognition. He’s a global superstar, so by beating Jericho, the name Tetsuya Naito, and Los Ingobernables de Japon, becomes even more of a worldwide household name, and that business he pulled in Fukuoka? That was just plain rude. I need him to understand that you can’t do that and expect to get away unharmed."

At 'Wrestling Hi No Kuni' Naito defeated Minoru Suzuki to once yet again become IWGP Intercontinental Champion. Naito's ultimate run with the belt did not do it for him as he would toss spherical and simply destroy the belt until it used to be as soon as in pieces. As Naito won the championship for the second time he disregarded it and as a substitute merely celebrated his victory over Suzuki along with his faction-mates and left the belt all through the ring. In his following appearances at 'Wrestling Dontaku' Naito did not put at the Intercontinental Title.

Naito has made it clear that the only identify he cares for is the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and stated that the Intercontinental Title makes no sense as in his eyes there are a long way too many belts inside the company.

"You know, Minoru Suzuki likes to call himself the ‘King of Professional Wrestling,’ on the other hand there’s no famous person that shines brighter than Tetsuya Naito." He said. "The Intercontinental Title isn’t on a king, it’s on the brightest star in the sky once more. But my feelings toward the championship haven’t changed. It’s an unnecessary belt and an unnecessary title. My goal is to do away with it."

Tetsuya Naito moreover spoke on what enthusiasts may also be anticipating from him when he returns to the United States, and remissly shared his concepts on the Kenny Omega & Kazuchika Okada IWGP Heavyweight Title bout at 'Dominion'. To be told the remainder of the interview, click on on proper right here.

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