Terry Funk returning to the ring

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As we reported earlier this week, Terry Funk is scheduled to return to the ring, coming out of retirement once more, to team up with the Rock ‘n Roll Express to take on Jerry Lawler, Doug Gilbert, and Brian Christopher during weekend events for Big Time Wrestling on September 23rd and 24th.

Funk was recently a guest on The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast to talk about coming out of retirement once more and working with Jerry Lawler through the years.

Coming Out Of Retirement (Again)

“How do I feel about it? I feel really great about it and I feel great that I am able to get back into the ring event though I’ve had a little bit of a physical problem. But I feel like I am prepared for it, I’ve worked hard at it and I am back in shape one more time. It is a great card that they’ve got there. I am looking forward to getting into the ring with the Rock N’ Roll Express and also going against Lawler one more time. What an idiot.”

Working With Jerry Lawler

“I certainly don’t feel blessed to be in there against “The King” because “The King” is nuts. We all know that. Jerry Lawler is as nuts as I am. He is going to try and be going in the ring as long as I’ve gone in the ring. I don’t know if he is going to try and catch up with me or what but Jerry Lawler is truly a legend in his area and his family is a legend and it is a pretty amazing thing.

“I’ve never been in anything but a chaotic match with Dusty Rhodes and him. Dusty and Lawler both were over bearing. Dusty and Lawler both, I don’t think I’ve ever called anybody else but those two this, “egg sucking dogs.” That is what both of them are. Jerry Lawler is also a pig. He wants all of the money, he wants everything. That is Jerry Lawler’s way and it is not my way because I am wonderful person and I’m a great guy but Jerry Lawler is not. Dusty Rhodes was okay but he couldn’t quite make being a football player and he played behind me the entire time at West Texas (State) and that is why he couldn’t stand me. I was just a little bit better than he was. I’d like to find that idiot kid of his Cody and I’d like to beat the hell out of Cody sometime. That would be a real pleasure. If Cody is around at the arena whenever I get there, I’ll take on Lawler first and I’ll take on Cody after and anybody else too.”

How He Wants To Be Remembered

“I would like to be remembered, be respected and to be loved by the wrestling fans and to be thought of as giving 100% each time you stepped through the ropes. That means a great deal to me.”

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