Jericho welcomes Baron Corbin to the show.

Corbin informs that he lives just down the street from Jericho, in a house that was previously owned by both Big Show and The Undertaker. He says that the house was definitely built for a big man as the doorways are enormous and the ceilings are 18-20 feet.

Jericho congratulates Corbin on his big Money in the Bank ladder match victory, and Corbin thanks Jericho for coming up with the idea many years ago. Jericho informs that he and then-writer Brian Gewirtz were brainstorming ideas on how to utilize a bunch of talents who were getting a push within the company.

Jericho suggested that they have a ladder match where they’d fight over a contract for a Title shot the following night. Gewirtz took that idea to McMahon who adjusted it so the talents could cash in the contract at any point during the next year, and he also insisted that the contract be in a breifcase.

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