The new 'Bonesoldier'…

On night time two of NJPW's 'Wrestling Dontaku' event, following the warfare between Will Ospreay and KUSHIDA over the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Ospreay's night time went from being throughout the clouds to falling flat on the ground as he in order that came about to be throughout the ring as it was once time for the debut of the new 'Bone Soldier'. 'Bullet Club' original Tama Tonga addressed Ospreay and the entire Junior Heavyweight division uttering that they have got been in for a rude awakening. That rude awakening were given right here inside of the kind of former IMPACT X Division Champion Taiji Ishimori.

After laying waste to Will Ospreay Ishimori was once revealed as the new 'Bone Soldier' and the latest member of 'Bullet Club'. NJPW sat down with the revamped Ishimori who spoke on the crowd reaction that he won and discussed that he would had been stunned and excited too if he was once a fan gazing himself.

"The fans’ reaction? How was it? Only natural right? I know if I was in the crowd and Taiji Ishimori showed up, I’d be excited too. Its no wonder." He discussed.

The 'Bullet Club' may not be 100% fantastic alternatively the sturdy does have relatively numerous superstars hooked as much as the brand who take pleasure in representing their colors. 'Bone Soldier' shared that it was once the best choice for him to sign up for the group since the acclaim for 'Bullet Club' will don’t the rest alternatively take him to the next stage.

"The Bullet Club is the most famous group going, so it was the best decision for me to join them. If I’m in Bullet Club, Taiji Ishimori’s name goes global."

Ishimori is a part of the Junior Heavyweight division and is at the present time competing throughout the 'Best Of The Super Juniors' match. Although the ultimate prize of the development is to earn a shot at the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title, Ishimori feels that if any of the juniors want to take the dep. to the next stage, all they’ve to is get throughout the ring with him.

"I can challenge for the title if I win Best Of The Super Juniors, isn’t that right? This is a big opportunity for me to get fame. So, I must win this." He says. "Every Junior out there says they want to elevate the division right? That’s easily done, just fight me."

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