Survivor Series 2018
Date: November 18, 2018
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips

We’re in the end right here after what felt just like the longest, maximum eventful two week construct I’ve ever observed. The theme of the evening is Raw vs. Smackdown and that most probably manner numerous bantering between the commentators in regards to the scoreboard and emblem supremacy, which is all that issues round right here. Let’s get to it.

Kickoff Show: Raw Tag Teams vs. Smackdown Tag Team

Raw: Bobby Roode/Chad Gable (captains), Revival, B-Team, Lucha House Party, Ascension

Smackdown: Usos (captains), New Day Colons, Good Brothers, Sanity

New Day handles the Smackdown introductions. Gable and Roode then again promise a wonderful victory. If one member of a staff is eradicated, their spouse is long gone as smartly. Epico and Kalisto get started issues off with Kalisto tweaking his leg whilst flipping out of a stomach to again suplex. Woods: “SWEEP THE LEG! SWEEP THE LEG!” The leg is okay sufficient to lend a hand Lince Dorado arrange the planking splash for 2 and it’s off to Primo for the working crotch assault to the again of the pinnacle.

A blind tag brings within the Revival as Kalisto hurts his knee once more, leaving Primo to stroll into the Shatter Machine for the removal at 3:09. It’s off to Karl Anderson vs. Curtis Axel because the lovers are doing the Wave. Axel takes over with some stomps within the nook and a DDT will get two. Gallows will get in an inexpensive shot from the apron regardless that and Anderson grabs a rollup to do away with Revival at 5:00.

Next up is Killian Dain vs. Chad Gable with Chad no longer with the ability to suplex him. Instead it’s off to Eric Young, who walks right into a neckbreaker from Roode. Gable provides a moonsault and that’s it for Sanity at 6:23. Big E. grabs an belly stretch on Konnor and throws in some spanking for just right measure. Viktor has some higher success with a chinlock on Woods, with the cling lasting so long as you may be expecting. Woods drops him and lifts up Big E. for the splash and a pin at 8:48.

It’s Gran Metalik changing the injured Kalisto however he palms it off to Dorado, who has to flee the Magic Killer. A hurricanrana sends Anderson into (no longer thru) the ropes, adopted via a dive. Back in and Metalik’s rope stroll Swanton removes the Good Brothers at 10:55. The Usos in the end become involved with Jimmy hitting Metalik within the mouth however getting moonsault pressed for 2. Jey is available in and catches Lince in an unpleasant having a look Samoan drop for the pin at 12:02.

So it’s the Revival/Gable/Roode vs. Usos/New Day. That manner Dawson kicking away at Woods however getting missile dropkicked. Everyone else will get knocked to the ground and it’s Gable tagging himself in as Wilder is shipped to the apron. A German suplex right into a neckbreaker will get two on Big E. the Rock Bottom right into a Backstabber will get two on Roode with Gable creating a save.

Dawson suicide dives Woods and Kingston, adopted via a chain of dives to take out virtually everybody. To best all of it, Gable German superplexes Jimmy off the highest onto the pile. Back in and Gable’s moonsault is stuck within the air, adopted via Up Up Down Down for the pin at 18:43.

Woods’ twister DDT falls aside so he settles for punching Wilder down, simplest to dive into the Shatter Machine for the pin at 19:54. It’s the Usos vs. the Revival with a Steiner Bulldog getting two on Jimmy. A PowerPlex will get the similar and the Shatter Machine is damaged up. Back to again superkicks drop the Revival and it’s the Superfly Splash (with the Roman Reigns tribute) for the win at 23:21.

Result: Smackdown Tag Teams b. Raw Tag Teams – Superfly Splash to Wilder (23:21)

The opening video makes a speciality of this being the one evening of the 12 months the place Raw and Smackdown battle.

Smackdown Women vs. Raw Women

Smackdown: Naomi (captain), Carmella, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Asuka

Raw: Bayley, Sasha Banks, Tamina, Nia Jax, Mickie James

They’ve modified out extra names in this display, with Bayley and Banks taking the puts of Natalya and Ruby Riott as a result of the ones two can’t get alongside. Also, Mandy is the thriller 5th member of Smackdown. Naomi and Tamina get started issues off and the brawl breaks out in virtually no time. Tamina is left by myself to superkick Naomi out at 1:22 however Carmella rolls Tamina as much as stay issues tied at 1:33. And now, DANCE BREAK!

Nia is available in (Cole: “Hashtag facebreaker!”) and will get kneed via Mandy and it’s off to Mickie for some forearms. A neckbreaker drops Mandy however she’s proper again with an belly stretch. Asuka is available in for the showdown with Mickie, who grabs a headlock.

That simply annoys Asuka who hits the hip assault and grabs one thing like an Octopus Hold. That’s damaged up as smartly so it’s off to Sonya, who Cole thinks is the name of the game to the staff. Mickie snapmares her down however Bayley tags herself in for the basement clothesline. Mickie is correct again in however a blind tag we could Mandy hit a working knee for the pin at 7:37. Carmella moonwalks right into a DDT on Bayley however spends an excessive amount of time taunting Sasha, permitting Bayley to suplex her for the pin at 9:11.

It’s again to Mandy to hammer on Bayley within the nook till a overlooked clothesline permits the new tag to Banks. The Bank Statement makes Mandy faucet at 10:50, finishing the run that Cole overvalued that wound up going nowhere. That leaves us with Sonya/Asuka vs. Nia/Sasha/Bayley and Sonya wraps Banks up in a bodyscissors. Banks slips out with out a lot effort and brings in Bayley for the working knee within the nook.

Nia is available in however misses a fee into the submit because the lovers are very happy to peer her get harm. Bayley will get two off a stomach to again suplex to Sonya as Banks hits a Meteora off the apron to take Asuka down. Bayley and Deville fall to the ground and that’s a double countout at 15:27. Has Deville ever in truth received a large fit?

Anyway Asuka and Banks stare each and every different down at the ground prior to getting again inside of with Asuka hitting a working dropkick. That we could her SHOW OFF THE SMACKDOWN SHIRT prior to sending Sasha flying with a German suplex. Nia is again up and will get hip attacked immediately to the ground once more. Banks fights again and hammers away prior to going up best, simplest to have Nia shove her off the highest into the Asuka Lock for the faucet at 19:35. Nia drops 3 legs on Asuka and hits the Samoan drop for the overall pin at 20:24.

Result: Raw Women b. Smackdown Women – Samoan drop to Asuka (20:24)

Apparently that places Raw up 1-0, for the reason that Kickoff Show fit doesn’t depend.

Stephanie McMahon, Baron Corbin, Paige and Shane McMahon do their annual bantering.

Shinsuke Nakamura (Smackdown) vs. Seth Rollins (Raw)

Rollins works on an armbar to begin however Nakamura takes him to the rope for the pinnacle on his chest. An early Kinshasa misses and Rollins does a COME ON of his personal. Rollins sends him out of doors and has a handy guide a rough leisure at the best rope. Nakamura will get Rollins to the apron however misses a top kick, permitting Rollins to hit a Fameasser to drop Nakamura face first onto the apron.

Nakamura is okay sufficient to hit a working knee to the face and Good Vibrations assists in keeping Rollins in hassle. A double arm crank doesn’t get Nakamura any place so it’s again to the nook choke. This time Rollins grabs the foot and sends Nakamura face first into the center buckle. Rollins dumps him out to the ground for the trio of suicide dives.

The best rope clothesline drops Nakamura however some kicks drop Rollins once more. The opposite exploder is blocked and Rollins hits a superkick for 2. Nakamura is correct again with some extra kicks to the pinnacle and a clothesline is countered into the triangle choke to place Rollins in actual hassle.

That’s reversed right into a buckle bomb however Nakamura wins a slugout and hits the Landslide for 2. Rollins is correct again up with the superplex into the Falcon Arrow and the Ripcord knee will get a somewhat shut two. The frog splash misses and Nakamura hits the Kinshasa to the again of the pinnacle for a fair closer fall. Another Kinshasa is blocked with a superkick and the Stomp finishes Nakamura at 21:29.

Result: Seth Rollins b. Shinsuke Nakamura – Stomp (21:29)

Braun Strowman doesn’t like several of his teammates, save for Finn Balor (Strowman to Lio Rush: “I don’t even know who you are.”). Drew McIntyre doesn’t take care of this and calls Strowman a senseless meat citadel, regardless that he’s no longer positive what that implies. Baron Corbin is available in and says relax whilst reminding Strowman that he can’t contact him. Strowman is cool with that and throws Rush at him, however right here’s R-Truth to calm issues down. Corbin tells Truth that he’s no longer in this staff…and there’s no “my bad”.

AOP (Raw) vs. The Bar (Smackdown)

Drake Maverick and Big Show are right here as thirds. Akam powers Sheamus round to begin and the lovers are distracted via one thing within the crowd. Cesaro is available in for a swing nevertheless it’s the facet slam/heart rope stomp to place the Bar in hassle. The chinlock doesn’t keep on lengthy so Akam lifts Cesaro up and throws him right into a knee from Rezar. Sheamus will get drawn in so Cesaro can also be held again within the nook in a smart decision. Some uppercuts don’t get Cesaro any place as he will get clothesline for 2.

The 2nd chinlock works a little bit higher however this time Cesaro comes again up with the springboard spinning uppercut. That’s sufficient for the tag to Sheamus for the 10 forearms to Rezar. The Brogue Kick will get two with Drake striking the foot at the ropes. Show grabs Maverick via the throat…and his pants are abruptly rainy. That’s sufficient of a distraction for the suplex/powerbomb mixture to complete Sheamus at 9:04.

Result: AOP b. The Bar – Powerbomb/suplex mixture to Sheamus (9:04)

Raw 3, Smackdown 0

Shane McMahon provides Team Smackdown a pep communicate when R-Truth is available in to check out and get at the Smackdown roster. Shane issues out that he’s already in and says that’s a aid. Miz guarantees autographed Marine DVDs if the staff wins and Truth is overjoyed with the speculation of having a Becky Lynch autograph. Anyway Shane says we need to win so Stephanie can’t.

We recap the Cruiserweight Title fit. Buddy Murphy received the name at Super Show-Down in Australia and Mustafa Ali has been chasing the name for many of the 12 months. Murphy doesn’t assume a lot of the a lot smaller Ali however he’s in a position to battle once more.

Cruiserweight Title: Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy

Murphy is protecting. Ali hits him within the face a couple of instances however will get tossed into the nook. That simply earns Murphy a hurricanrana to the ground, that means it’s a large turn dive to take him down. Ali is going up best once more however Murphy shoves him all of the approach into the barricade for an ideal having a look crash.

Back in and Murphy hammers away on the head and we hit the chinlock. Ali fights up and hits a dropkick however the rolling X Factor is countered with a large toss to the ground. That manner the working turn dive from Murphy however Ali is correct again with a spinwheel kick to drop Murphy. Now a dangling DDT can attach for 2 at the champ however the 054 is countered with a shove off the highest.

Murphy quite a bit up the announcers’ desk however Ali is correct there with a Spanish Fly off the desk to the ground. That will get a somewhat hearty 205 chant and Murphy assists in keeping the lovers’ passion with again to again powerbombs. Murphy’s Law is countered so Murphy knees him within the face, putting in place Murphy’s Law to retain at 12:20.

Result: Buddy Murphy b. Mustafa Ali – Murphy’s Law (12:20)

Daniel Bryan has not anything to mention.

Lars Sullivan is coming. No emblem is discussed.

Raw Men vs. Smackdown Men

Raw: Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley

Smackdown: The Miz (captain), Samoa Joe, Shane McMahon, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio

Strowman and Joe get started however McIntyre tags himself in. The argument we could Joe seize the Clutch on McIntyre however he rolls out and hits the Claymore to eliminate Joe at 36 seconds. Hardy is available in subsequent and will get dropped as smartly so it’s off to Ziggler. Shane is available in as smartly and armdrags Ziggler down, simplest to stroll right into a dropkick and Fameasser. The Zig Zag will get two with Miz creating a save.

Miz is available in legally however can’t get the Figure Four on Ziggler. McIntyre tags himself in once more and that implies a brawl with Strowman. For some explanation why the Smackdown guys wreck it up and a 619 sends Strowman out of doors. Shane quite a bit up the announcers’ desk for the massive elbow to drop Strowman and we lower to Stephanie and Paige observing within the again. Back in and McIntyre headbutts Miz however he received’t tag Balor.

Balor tags himself in and kicks McIntyre however will get rolled up for 2. A kick to Miz’s head units up the Coup de Grace however Miz bails to the ground. Balor Sling Blades Hardy at the ground and dropkicks Miz into the barricade. Rey is available in and the quick tempo continues however he misses the 619. That earns him a Sling Blade and Balor shotgun dropkicks him into the nook. Another Coup de Grace misses and the 619 into the springboard splash removes Balor at 12:06.

McIntyre throws Balor to the ground however Lashley breaks up the 619 with a large boot to Rey. The behind schedule vertical suplex is countered with some knees to the pinnacle and a DDT. It’s again to Ziggler however Rey brings in Hardy to punch him within the face. Hardy can’t hit the Twist of Fate however is going after McIntyre, permitting Ziggler to seize a DDT for 2. Now the Twisting Stunner can attach and the Swanton hits raised knees. Miz is available in for the working nook clothesline to Ziggler and Shane provides Coast to Coast for the pin 18:10. Renee: “Shane is taking years off his career tonight alone!”

I’ll go away that one by myself for the way dumb it used to be and move to Lashley stomping Shane within the nook to make myself really feel higher. Lashley suplexes him into the nook for the tag to Miz, who avoids a fee to ship Lashley into the nook. A 2nd Coast to Coast is knocked out of the air via Strowman and Lashley will get two on Shane with Rey making the save. It’s off to Hardy vs. Strowman and the powerslam removes Hardy at 20:46.

That leaves us with Strowman/Lashley/McIntyre vs. Shane/Mysterio/Miz however Strowman reverses the 619 into the powerslam for the pin at 21:22. Miz panics when Strowman is ready on him and tells Shane to head get him. Strowman catches Miz as a substitute and powerslams him for the pin at 22:37. Shane pulls himself to his toes and says convey it so Strowman dropkicks him into the nook for a touch. There’s the powerslam for the overall pin at 24:01.

Result: Raw Men b. Smackdown Men – Powerslam to McMahon (24:01)

Post fit Corbin jumps Strowman.

How to lend a hand with California wildfires.

Rollins is happy with his win and in a position to hit an ice bathtub. Not so speedy regardless that as he’s advised that he’ll be protecting the Intercontinental Title towards Dean Ambrose at TLC. Rollins is cool with that, as a result of Ambrose received’t be capable of cover.

We recap Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte. This used to be meant to be Becky Lynch vs. Rousey however Nia Jax broke Lynch’s face so Charlotte is taking her position.

Ronda Rousey (Raw) vs. Charlotte (Smackdown)

Rousey has some very placing purple make-up round her eyes. Charlotte shoves her into the nook to begin however has to battle out of the armbar. The Figure Eight doesn’t paintings both and it’s a standoff. Charlotte rocks her with a face first whip into the ground buckle and it’s time to begin in at the legs. An STF with out a facelock has Rousey in hassle and Charlotte busts open the mouth with some elbows to the face.

Rousey fights up with an enziguri and chokes her excessive rope to place Charlotte in some hassle. Something like a triangle has Charlotte in hassle however she stacks it up for 2. Now the common triangle is going on, simplest to have Charlotte opposite it right into a Boston crab. That’s reversed as smartly however Rousey can’t get the armbar. Instead Charlotte kicks her within the face out of the nook however the moonsault hits raised boots.

The spinning Samoan drop crops Charlotte, who pops up with a spear for 2. Charlotte reverses any other armbar try into the Figure Four however Rousey turns it over. They head out of doors with Rousey throwing her into the barricade and unloading with moves again inside of. Charlotte chops her proper again and the massive boot will get two.

The triangle is escaped once more and the spinning Samoan drop (it seems that the Piper’s Pit) seems to arrange the armbar. That’s blocked as smartly and Charlotte bails however is sensible sufficient to damage the depend. Rousey is going after her…and fees right into a kendo stick shot for the DQ at 14:08.

Result: Ronda Rousey b. Charlotte by the use of DQ when Charlotte used a kendo stick (14:08)

Raw 5, Smackdown 0

Post fit Charlotte destroys her with the stick prior to grabbing a chair. The Natural Selection drives Rousey into the chair and Charlotte beats up the referees. Rousey’s neck will get Pillmanized, drawing a LOUD THANK YOU CHARLOTTE chant. Rousey will get helped out however is ticked off, despite the fact that the lovers in reality don’t appear to care.

We recap Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan. This used to be going to be AJ Styles vs. Lesnar II however Bryan became heel and received the name on Tuesday, putting in place a fit we had been going to get 4 years in the past.

Brock Lesnar (Raw) vs. Daniel Bryan (Smackdown)

The lovers need AJ. Bryan mocks Lesnar all the way through his front however Lesnar doesn’t appear to note. The bell rings and Bryan dropkicks the knee prior to bailing to the ground in a smart decision. Lesnar in the end is going after him so Bryan is available in and mocks him much more. He even does Lesnar’s jump…and will get punched within the face. The first German suplex drops Bryan at the again of his head so Lesnar shouts SUPLEX CITY.

There’s a 2nd one and Bryan’s elbow is lower open. The 3rd German suplex and an overhead stomach to stomach makes it even worse as Bryan is kicked out to the ground. Back in and Bryan rolls out of doors as that is entire destruction. Brock tosses him into the barricade and grabs a bearhug again inside of. Lesnar drops him after which hits any other German suplex. Fans: “SAME OLD S***!”

The bearhug is going on once more and there’s any other stomach to stomach. The F5 connects and Lesnar pulls him up at two. Bryan will get in a kick to the pinnacle however any other F5 hits the referee. That manner a low blow and the working knee provides Bryan two. Bryan unloads with kicks and stomps on the head and Lesnar is rocked….however the working knee is countered into an F5. That’s countered as smartly and Bryan sends him out of doors.

Lesnar will get posted and there’s the working knee from the apron. Brock drives him into the submit two times in a row however the steps hit the submit. That manner any other working knee from Bryan and the true one will get two on Lesnar. A chop block takes Lesnar’s knee out and Bryan wraps it across the submit. The missile dropkick as Lesnar in hassle as Bryan is a complete on face all over the place once more.

The working nook dropkicks stun Lesnar and any other F5 is countered into the YES Lock as Brock’s knee provides out. Lesnar panics for a little bit till he simply grabs the hand for the wreck. Bryan blasts him within the face and will get the cling in once more, adopted via a triangle choke. That’s reversed into an F5 regardless that and Bryan is completed at 18:44.

Result: Brock Lesnar b. Daniel Bryan – F5 (18:44)

Raw 6, Smackdown 0.

Raw Women b. Smackdown Women – Samoan drop to Asuka
Seth Rollins b. Shinsuke Nakamura – Stomp
AOP b. The Bar – Powerbomb/suplex mixture to Sheamus
Buddy Murphy b. Mustafa Ali – Murphy’s Law
Raw Men b. Smackdown Men – Powerslam to McMahon
Ronda Rousey b. Charlotte by the use of DQ when Charlotte used a kendo stick
Brock Lesnar b. Daniel Bryan – F5

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