SmackDown Live Ratings

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New Picture-In-Picture Format

During commercial breaks, the USA Network will be broadcasting picture-in-picture so that you can still watch what’s taking place in the ring. This is a great idea. This was done a couple times last summer and honestly, I’m not sure why it’s not done more often. There’s nothing more annoying that going to a commercial break two minutes into a match. It’s the equivalent of the commercial-kickoff-commercial atrocity during NFL games, which reportedly may be done away with this year.

SmackDown going to picture-in-picture tonight was first reported by Broadcasting and Cable, who claims that the approach raises the retention rate of viewers approximately 13 percent during each break. The article also lists Taco Bell as the biggest non-WWE advertiser during the show. In a related note, I’ve been eating way too much Taco Bell of late.

Kevin Owens Hosting The Highlight Reel

Kevin Owens will also be hosting an edition of “The Highlight Reel” tonight. So, long-term, the feud between Owens and Chris Jericho may not be over. Owens will be defending his United States Title Sunday against A.J. Styles, so the interview segment will likely be hyping that (among other things?)

SmackDown Live Contract Signing

SmackDown Live loves to do “historical” contract signings with its Women’s Division and tonight we’re going to get one for the trios match at Sunday’s Backlash. I guess this would be the first time a women’s trios match has had a contract signing. And, we can easily guess how this will end.

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