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Smackdown Live beats Monday Night RAW In Ratings

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Is Smackdown live the new “A” show on WWE television. The stats agree. With three big titles on the line and the return of John Cena WWE Smackdown Live has managed to defeat Monday night RAW in ratings game this week or should we say the first time since the draft happened. Wrestling Observer has reported that “This week’s SmackDown averaged 2.88 million viewers, just barely beating the 2.85 that Monday’s episode of Raw averaged. SD Live came close to this last time in September when John Cena previously returned, the week where Raw was opposite the first presidential debate, and the loaded 900th episode in November coming close to beating the previous Monday’s episode.”


There is a positive for RAW in the coming weeks as the football season is over but if they continue to go over the same lame storylines and monotonous matches focussing their shows only on four guys; Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, it won’t be inaccurate to say that Monday night RAW will suffer again in terms of ratings. WWE has been trying their best to throw in some big names like Goldberg to attract audience, which sometimes brings them positive ratings but as far as consistency is concerned SD Live has delivered great in and out action all throughout the time since the draft happened. The crowd’s reaction on both the show were totally different this week considering the fact that both RAW and Smackdown Live were conducted in the same arena, the crowd looked lively and thunderous during SD Live and mostly dead on RAW. Also with Smackdown being the show that promotes talents and every title looks legit and well build, the focus on RAW keeps shifting to Roman Reigns which can be considered as one of the many reasons for this shift in ratings. Many sources over the internet pre-claimed that SD will take over RAW in the last episode of 2016 as they had better bookings and storylines to build upon and considered 27 december as a special PPV and not just a weekly episode.

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