WWE officially issued a statement stating that SmackDown would be airing live on Tuesday nights.And also WWE revealed the fact that there would be 2 separate rosters for RAW and SmackDown with 2 different story lines.

Which means there would be a brand split . And we would no longer see the wrestlers who have competed on RAW competing on SmackDown.This is a great deal for the talents on the roster.As this would reduce the risk of injury and burden off the talents. The entire story line was once shattered with these pile of injuries.As wrestlers were asked to wrestle over time there were some considerable number of injuries which shattered the story line.But now it appears as if WWE  has taken a wise decision by drafting 2 separate rosters for both RAW and SmackDown.Which would definitely reduce the burden off the wrestlers. And also there would be some attention paid towards SmackDown which has been ignored form past 7 months.

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