Shinsuke Nakamura Title Match

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Shinsuke Nakamura Booked In Title Matches Against Jinder Mahal

Shinsuke Nakamura is set to take part in some WWE Championship matches sooner than some may have thought. He is currently being advertised to wrestle champion Jinder Mahal in several house show matches in the early part of July.

While Nakamura has been announced as a participant in the Money In The Bank match, these upcoming house show bouts aren’t necessarily indicative of WWE’s creative direction this summer. With Randy Orton being taken off of several upcoming shows, it’s highly plausible that Nakamura is simply a replacement for Orton on the shows. Time will tell.

John Cena Talks Wanting To Return Home To WWE

As we’ve reported in the past, John Cena is currently on hiatus from WWE until around the time of SummerSlam. He is being promoted for the July 4 edition of RAW in Phoenix, likely a one time appearance with a patriotic theme. However, don’t expect him back full time for a couple of months.

John is clearly getting the itch to come back and commented recently on Twitter.

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