Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will finally go to war at WWE TLC on Sunday, December 16. The former Shield teammates have a major score to settle and even though Rollins was ready to fight and defend his Intercontinental Championship, Ambrose has done everything in his power to prolong the inevitable. But now the day of reckoning is at hand.

As fans prepare for TLC and this match specifically, the time might be right to forget the issues. That’s not always the easiest thing to do of course, especially since WWE seems wrought with issues as of late. But it could be that none of that will matter on December 16 because Seth and Dean will most certainly deliver in the ring.

Perhaps the time has indeed come to have some fun. For the past several weeks, fans have been irate over the current state of Monday Night Raw. WWE’s flagship program has suffered from a lack of big money stars. It’s also suffered from a lack of plausible storylines

That combination is a recipe for disaster and fans are certainly well aware of that fact. It could even be said that Raw has been nearly unwatchable, which would not be the first time that statement has been made. But lately, the problems have become all too apparent.

The absence of Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn has affected the product more than perhaps anyone could have predicted. Reigns in particular was a tough loss for the company, mostly because the top storylines were primarily built around him.

Watch Dean Ambrose burn his Shield vest on Raw:

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That’s no mystery, of course. Roman Reigns is WWE’s top guy and most heavily featured star. WWE’s booking method for the top guy has evidently always been a trickle-down concept, with the main star getting the bulk of the spotlight and everyone else feeding off of him.

It’s a routine that seems to work just fine when WWE is firing on all cylinders. When business is good and the shows are entertaining, fans don’t seem to mind how the company goes about booking the main star. But when a problem arises, it becomes painfully obvious that WWE’s method is extremely flawed. That’s true now as well, thanks to Braun’s recent injury.

Had he been healthy, Strowman would have likely slid into the top spot, albeit temporarily, until The Big Dog returned. But then The Monster Among Men went out. But not only did Raw’s two main Superstars go on the shelf, the same is also true of KO and Zayn. Kevin and Sami may not have been booked as the focus of the red brand but both men are highly entertaining heels. Raw has simply not been the same without them.

Listen to Seth blame Baron Corbin for Raw’s problems:

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As a result of these injuries, WWE Creative seems to have panicked and scrambled in response. Raw does not feel as cohesive as it once did and every week, the ratings dip as fans complain. It’s impossible to know if the minds behind Monday Night Raw are indeed struggling to keep the program afloat. But when it comes to two-thirds of The Shield, the truth is that everyone knows what their match will bring.

Despite any problems happening around them, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will be ready for TLC. Both men are surely aware of just how important this match is. They must also certainly know that when it comes to delivering on the main event stage, WWE counts on both of them to shine. But then again, that’s always been the case.

The Shield was built to succeed. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns all began on the same level when they debuted together in 2012. But they carried themselves like top guys, both inside and outside the ring. The rest of WWE’s locker room could likely see what the company’s plan was and it’s possible that many of them didn’t want to see it happen. After all, when a talent rises up and gets the superstar treatment, that’s one less spot for someone else.

But in the case of The Shield, this was a matter of three spots filled at once. WWE had a plan, executed that plan and all three men rose to the occasion. The Hounds of Justice wanted it so badly that they willed themselves to success and that’s exactly what they achieved.

Like The Four Horsemen before them, The Shield wanted to steal the show every single night. It was less about becoming breakout stars and more about proving their mettle. Seth, Roman and Dean all had to step up and show that they deserved the spotlight. No one was going to take it from them and no one was going to stop them. It’s the same mantra that’s kept the trio going as singles stars and it will likely always continue.

Listen to Dean criticize Seth on Raw:

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So why would anyone believe that Rollins and Ambrose will give anything less than a show-stealing performance at TLC? No, Dean’s booking as a treacherous heel has not been top notch. Yes, Seth was forced take on the role of apologist for Monday Night Raw’s recent criticism and low ratings. But neither one of these facts should impact their showdown on December 16.

This match will be intense, it will be high-paced and most importantly, it will be fun. Dean and Seth are both very accustomed to working under the bright lights. They’ve been doing just that from the moment The Shield debuted. When they’re together, they bring out the best in each other. They know how to do their job and when the opening bell rings at TLC, they will do it better than anyone else on the card.

Daniel Bryan versus AJ Styles will be hard to top. The same can be said of the Triple Threat TLC Match between Becky Lynch, Asuka and Charlotte Flair. In fact the entire TLC card from beginning to end is stacked with big names in big matches.

But for six years, the Superstars of The Shield have been at the forefront of WWE. Other stars have come and gone. Some stars have risen in the ranks and some have fallen. But the one constant has been the ability of The Shield to stand up and deliver when the time comes. That time is now and once again, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will burn it down. It’s what they were designed to do and they will do it again at TLC.

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