Mae Young Classic

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Mae Young Classic Dominating WWE Network

The Mae Young Classic is the most watched show on the WWE Network this week. All eight episodes top the most watched shows on the Network, with this week’s 205 Live and SummerSlam rounding out the Top Ten.

Top Viewed Shows On Network This Week

  1. MYC Episode 5
  2. MYC Episode 6
  3. MYC Episode 7
  4. MYC Episode 8
  5. MYC Episode 4
  6. MYC Episode 3
  7. MYC Episode 1
  8. MYC Episode 2
  9. 205 Live (9/5/17)
  10. SummerSlam 2017

Samoa Joe Return Update

It’s being reported that Samoa Joe, who was injured back in August during a house show in a match with John Cena, is due back at the end of October. Whether or not his program with Cena, which was scrapped due to his injury, will be picked back up when he returns is unknown at this time.

Sasha Banks On Ronda Rousey

Sasha Banks has never been one to temper her thoughts, and after the face-off we saw with the 4 Horsewomen of WWE and the 4 Horsewomen of UFC during the Mae Young Classic, the former Women’s Champion had a few words for Ronda Rousey and the possibility of the two groups facing off in the ring.

“I feel like I keep hearing rumblings of that too, which is cool. It’s awesome, but we are The Four Horsewomen and they’re just fans. Yeah, and if they wanted to fight us, they need to get in the back of the line like everybody else, get a contract, train down at the [WWE] Performance Center, get on NXT, and try to get called up [to the main roster] just like everybody else. She’s [Rousey] an amazing athlete. She [has] changed the game, but she’ll never be [on Banks’ level in the pro wrestling ring].”

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