Wrestling promoter and fiance of WWE veteran Rosa Mendes, Bobby Schubenski spoke about Black Craft Cult Wrestling, and much more with WPW Weekly. You can see highlights below, and the entire podcast at this link.

Bobby Schubenski on engagement to Rosa Mendes:

We’re operating by means of some problems, Milena is the best mom on the planet and I’m in order that busy. She’s getting once more into wrestling, she’s merely operating her ass off and it’s been awesome. So yeah we are operating by means of some problems, on the other hand we will be able to get it all taken care of out.

Bobby Schubenski on upcoming Blackcraft Wrestling Promotion:

First of all it’s in my homeland and I’ve some in reality specific other people taking into consideration it on August 24th. I will’t in reality give away who all is going to be there, on the other hand we’ve got now a in reality specific band that might be appearing reside there…I will give away two of the wrestlers which could be going to be there, I’m in reality occupied with. We have Brit Baker and Paige’s mom Saraya Knight, so I’m in reality occupied with that. The band that is participating in is super specific, the card is super specific, and we will be able to be operating large production along with reside streaming the improvement….There is going to be some large celebrities coming to make an glance which brings me to Doug Bradley (Pinhead from Hellraiser)

Bobby Schubenski On Where The Next Wrestling Promotion Will Be:

Orange County California might be next in October. We want to Florida in December. And for the new 12 months in 2019, my serve as is kind of have this issue up and dealing and touring no longer like a festival on the other hand further like an indoor fit. New York is on the map plainly and we will be able to announce further as it comes

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