Roman Reigns who will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 has a big baggage on his back as he not only has to silent his critics but carry a match which is not welcomed by many fans.
The Undertaker undoubtedly had better opponents in his lustrous career and many see this match as something degrading for the phenom.

Worst part is that this match can be seen as The Undertaker’s last match and Roman Reigns claiming that he is going to be the man to retire The Undertaker has raised eyebrows.

Sources around the world have claimed that Roman Reigns in this feud will be the bad guy and finally turn heel. But as per the latest news Vince Mcmahon has no plans whatsoever to turn THE GUY into a BAD GUY.
If this is true then things are not getting anywhere in favor of Reigns as the crowd has never welcomed him as the face of the company.

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