WWE Superstar Roman Reigns had a interview with the Sports Illustration here is what he said on the Reaction he got at the Royal Rumble Win against Danial Bryan..

“It was a lot worse than I expected,” he then said “With the internet and social media, I had a pretty good hunch it was going to go the way it did, but just not as much as it did. It seemed like a movement where Philly plotted against me for like a month, and it definitely left an impression. But I think I can say thank you–I’ve gotten better because of it.”

on Danial Bryan

“Bryan is the best. If anybody says any different, they’re an idiot. You can learn anything from him. I got to work a lot with him with the Shield–that was like the band with those six man matches [against Bryan, Kane, and Ryback], we were doing those every night. So I had plenty of chemistry and experience with Bryan. He is such a journeyman with so much experience, and that’s a key ingredient to what we do–just logging in those man-hours. Bryan is a journeyman, and he’s one of the few that we have, with Seth and Dean also in that category. He’s just so smart. He has a great take on everything, and he doesn’t just think about his product. He thinks of the grand scheme of things in the WWE world, and he’s a privilege to be around, not only in the ring but also as a person. The last European tour was a great tour, sitting on the back of the bus with Bryan in a conversation for an hour-and-a-half covering everything under the sun–we talked about from evolution to lotions to how to treat swelling. He has so much knowledge on life. I feel very blessed to made a friend with Daniel Bryan.”

On Paul Heyman

“He’s known me since I was just a little guy, when I was glued to my dad’s leg backstage. Before I even got to that point [in the buildup to WrestleMania], he’s definitely been a help.”

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